product sheet from warehouse414  |  January 21, 2022

Vintage Asian Drop Ceiling Panels Hand Painted Embossed set of 18

Don’t ever let anyone turn your sky into a ceiling…-livelifehappy…. UNLESS it’s covered in oriental bliss with these awesome vintage Asian drop ceiling panels!!! There are EIGHTEEN of these lauan wood drop ceiling squares. Sixteen have a yellowish frame or background and two are off-white. They are all hand painted and gilded, possibly from a pattern or mold, and embossed with bright colors of gold, red, green, and yellow with designs of dragons, oriental symbols, and flowers…they are breathtaking!! AND, OH MY GOODNESS, the possibilities!!!!  Obviously, they would be perfect for a drop ceiling in an oriental restaurant or nail salon BUT there are so many other ways that these panels could be displayed. If you don’t have a drop-down feature and want them on your ceiling, tac them up…or use some decorative screws! They can be configured any which way you like and in total there is 72 square feet of them!  Use them as an entire wall cover or large wall hanging or they could be individually framed art as well.  Put molding between each square to give it a more finished look OR spice it up and hang them horizontally or vertically. These panels are a designer’s dream. With a little creativity the potential is never-ending! We are in awe of these remarkable antique Asian panels, certainly you must be too…make them yours!!


Price: $2,250

Antique Swirled Design Wrought Iron Railing Piece Trellis or Fence Section

Holy cow I love this architectural salvage piece!! It is a fabulous section of railing circa 1920s from an old apartment building that was demolished here in our home town of Topeka, Kansas. We saved it, and as much as we could before the wrecking ball. We have had it langouring in storage for over 20 years and it is time to share its beauty. Its long rectangular shaped frame is filled with swirls and curls of hand wrought iron. Which has all the beautiful patina that age brings. You could use it again as a railing section, but it would also be gorgeous just hanging on your wall. It could be many, many things….a garden ornament or trellis….a headboard……a garden gate……a fence section….a table top if you just add legs and glass! A plethora of incredible ideas! Just make it yours.

Price: $2,395

Antique Primitive Industrial Woven Wire Window Security Guard

This rustic industrial window grate will look fantastic in your garden. On your patio. Or hanging on your wall as an object d’art! And maybe even used for its intended purpose as a security guard on your window! It is comprised of woven diamond pattern steel wire in a steel frame with tons of character and rusty age patina. The diamonds are 2.5 inches high by 1.75 inches wide. I know you love this. Make it yours.

Price: $895

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