product sheet from warehouse414  |  January 21, 2022

Neoclassic Hollywood Regency Gilded Plaster Round Pedestal Side Table & Black Top

You know when you need that one little in-your-face-show-stopping-over-the-top side table? This is it!! Regardless of your design style this is that piece. The piece that transcends any style boundaries. It will be awesome in your traditional, neoclassical, or Hollywood Regency designed home. But will also knock your socks off juxtaposition with your mid-century modern, modern, or industrial décor. This little round side/end table is comprised of an ornate molded and gilded plaster pedestal base with a round black solid surface material that has been carved and etched with an intricate design as its top. Nothing more, nothing less. It is small and portable enough to be very versatile in placement too. It will easily move from here to there. Wherever you need a spark or a place to set a cocktail or a cup of tea or coffee. Don’t wait. Make this marvelous little side table yours!!

Price: $1,195

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