Large Framed Jimi Hendrix Panel Attributed to Jimi Hendrix Traveling Exhibit

Very cool framed Jimi Hendrix panel that is attributed to a traveling exhibit honoring Jimi Hendrix. It is in wonderful vintage condition. There are some signs of age and travel, but it will still look fabulous on your wall. It is double sided so you can choose either side to display. Please see photos. Circa 1990s.


  • Size Framed – 96.25”H x 24”W x 2”D Inches
  • Image Size – 95.5”H x 23.25”W Inches
  • Weight – 40.2 Pounds


Boxed Size:

  • Height – 100 Inches
  • Width – 28 Inches
  • Depth – 7 Inches
  • Weight – 60 Pounds



Whether you hang this in your living room, family room, music room, or man cave; and whichever side you use, it will be a show stopping statement! This fabulous graphic image of Jimi Hendrix, one of rock music’s all-time favorite icons, has been purported to being part of a traveling exhibit celebrating the life and times of Jimi. After being told the history and particulars of this panel I did an online search to verify and corroborate. I did find an article in Rolling Stone magazine dated February 18, 1993 titled Hendrix Traveling Exhibit to Tour U.S. It talks about the exhibit being a multimedia art show that successfully traveled across Europe in 1992 and would be opening at New York’s Ambassador Gallery with follow-up engagements in San Francisco, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Chicago, Boston, and Seattle; with possible tours in Japan, New Zealand, and Eastern Europe. It talks about the exhibit being unexpected by not displaying smashed guitars or tattered relics but showcasing 100 works ranging from psychedelic posters and candid photos to collages, computer-enhanced pieces and an interactive sound sculpture. Whether it was part of this exhibit or not…it is a fabulous graphic. Please know we have priced it for its intrinsic decorative value since we cannot definitively document it being from the traveling exhibit. You still need to make it yours!

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