Keep in mind warehouse414 items are vintage and not new; they will have signs of use and wear. Please see photos and zoom in for details. We attempt to portray any imperfections.

Schott Zwiesel

Schott Zwiesel bills themselves as the glass for the professional. And so, they are. They focus on functional innovative special glassware for beverages and serving. Catering to sommeliers, winemakers, internationally renowned chefs, top hotels, and the refined connoisseur. However, they never loose sight of the gracefulness of glass in design or color. Schott Zwiesel is a division of Zwiesel Kristallglas which was founded in 1872 by Anton Muller in Zwiesel, Bavaria. Glass, one of the oldest materials in human history, found its way to Zwiesel about 600 years prior so the area is rich with glass history. Originally a sheet glass works they have long since become one of the leading international glass specialists. But they are not purely an industrial enterprise but more craftsmen of a sophisticated glass culture. For almost 140 years they have served both the haute cuisine and the private household.

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