Keep in mind warehouse414 items are vintage and not new; they will have signs of use and wear. Please see photos and zoom in for details. We attempt to portray any imperfections.

Couroc of Monterey

Couroc of Monterey was founded by Guthrie Courvoisier in 1948 in…, of course, Monterey, California. They produced resin trays and other serving pieces. Their primary material used was a proprietary formula of phenolic resin Guthrie developed with the help of his wife, Moira Wallace, and named Couroc. Which is an amalgamation of Courvoisier and rock. Implying that Couroc is hard as rock. Moira, as an artist, oversaw design. She gathered together a group of like artists to help her creations come to life. They operated in a somewhat commune situation in the early years using “found” items such as paperclips and springs along with shells and other items they beachcombed to make the amazing inlays. Their resin went through experimentation and changes before the end result which is alcohol proof and impervious to alkalis, acids, boiling water and even cigarette burns. Their products were sold in up-scale retail businesses and remained popular through the 1970s. In the 1980s they began to struggle and were out of business in 1998 after 50 years.

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