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Vintage Modern Queen Rosewood & Brass Plate Headboard by Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin

Sometimes the best thing to do first thing in the morning is go right back to bed! And honestly, with a bed this beautiful, it’s going to be hard to get up in the morning! Take another look at this awesome queen headboard designed and created by the ICONIC duo Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin! WHAT!! Yes, you heard that right… Let’s start by talking about the incredible, almost breathtaking grain in the rosewood veneer. The veneer on the face pieces is so beautifully matched, it just draws you in…it’s stunning to say the least!! It features two beautiful brass plated steel bands on the front of the headboard… it’s a marvelous detail!! It is sure to be a superb addition to any bedroom! And just a fun suggestion… my mom says if she were using this headboard, she would have a hanging mechanism or wall cleat made so that you can attach it to the wall and lift it a little higher, use a platform rather than a Hollywood frame, and toss out the box springs. Voila! Maximum exposure of the headboard! If that sounds like something you would be interested in, we would be happy to provide a wall cleat upon purchase of the headboard. When eclectic partnerships such as Milo Baughman and Thayer Coggin come together and create, it results in furniture with style and presence that is simply unmatchable and highly sought after. Versatility, exemplary presence, and magnificent mid-century modern style…how can you go wrong?

One of the most remarkable partnerships in the mid-century modern to modern design world was the phenomenal furniture making duo of Milo Baughman and Thayer Coggin. Milo Baughman, a 20th Century genius of design, was born in Western Kansas in 1923 but was moved a year later by his family to Long Beach, California. He created Milo Baughman Design Inc. in 1947 and began designing interiors and furniture. Thayer Coggin was born in 1922 in Denton, North Carolina. Twelve years later his family moved 25 miles north to High Point where he grew up surrounded by furniture manufacturing. Thayer’s first love was furniture and Milo’s was design. So, together in 1953, after the two met, history was made in American furniture making by one of the greatest collaborations in the industry. During his career and before his death in 2003, Milo did design for several other companies as well as his own, but it is his collaboration with Thayer Coggin that is most impressive and sought-after today. Thayer Coggin, Inc. is still in business today even after its namesake’s death and is still offering classic selections from the late Baughman’s designs.

There’s nothing quite as luxurious as a beautiful bed! Don’t let this phenomenal headboard by Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin pass you by… make it yours!!

Price: $3,995

Vintage Toddler or Dog Sleigh Style Bed White with Blue Trim & Nail Head Design

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane…. I bet we gotcha singing!! WOW! Did you get a good look at this wonderful vintage toddler size sleigh bed? It’s comprised of blue and white painted wood with nail head designs and a shelf or step-up on the footboard. On the right side it even has a round blue holder that we think may have been a spot for Santa’s reindeer whip. How cool would it be for your little one to fall asleep with dreams of riding across the sky helping Santa deliver gifts across the world in his sleigh every night? If you don’t have a little one or would rather just use it as holiday décor, it would be a fun place to put all of your Christmas presents or fill it with poinsettias! OR, if you don’t want to use it for holiday purposes, it would be a great toy box for dolls and stuffed animals, or put it in your sunroom and fill it with wonderful plants and foliage, or maybe your pooch needs a new bed? This would be a super cool place for a large (or small) dog to snooze! Either way, this is a super fun way to “sleigh” the holiday (or any day!) or an awesome way to make bedtime an adventure for your little one! Don’t wait, Sleigh the day and make it yours!!

Price: $1,495

Campaign Style Thomasville Furniture Mystique 3 Section Modular Bed Set w/Side Armoires

Can a girl (or guy) ever have TOO many options??? We think NOT!!! Seriously!! Take another look at this Extremely cool, Extremely modular “Mystique” wall unit or bedroom set up by Tomlinson Furniture. So many options…We say that because the center, larger unit can be used as a headboard for a full or queen-sized bed. You just need a Hollywood frame, and it backs right up against the headboard which has drop front storage for extra pillows or blankets! The four mirrors are removeable so if you prefer you could take them off and expose a blank wall or hang your favorite piece of artwork. Plus, there are lights at the top of the crown unit and a shelf to hold a lamp, books, or décor! Now, it’s nice to have the two side cabinets in your bedroom if you need the space for storage…there is hanging space in the top wardrobe area and three nice sized drawer’s underneath…AND there are knobs immediately beneath the wardrobe section that pull out into a nightstand surface with a black laminate top!! SO NICE!! BUT…maybe it’s a little much for the space you have, and you want to break it up a bit. NO PROBLEM! The two side pier cabinets are modular and can stand individually in separate rooms or could set side by side in one room. Maybe you want to use the two pier cabinets in a second bedroom and put a beautiful brass bed between them and use the center unit in a different bedroom. The whole unit is comprised of a gorgeous sultry dark wood and the cabinets have beautiful brass escutcheons, teardrop pulls, and hardware. There are truly so many interchangeable possibilities with this wonderful campaign style wall unit and it is made with impeccable quality by an iconic manufacturer. You just can’t go wrong!

The original Thomasville furniture company was founded in 1904. At the time, it was called the Thomasville chair company since the company focused on producing chairs exclusively. Over the next few decades, the catalog expanded to include additional furniture pieces. During this time, the original company went through several owners; despite this, the company still experienced financial success even through economic hardship of the 1930s. Vintage pieces from the Thomasville Furniture company run the gamut from chairs to dining room furniture and many different types of furniture in between. The earliest pieces from the company when it was still known as the Thomasville Chair Company are considered the most rare and valuable. If you are looking for authentic Thomasville vintage pieces, you will need to find them on the secondhand market. Thomasville Furniture is one of the most recognized furniture companies in America. You can count on Thomasville furniture for incredible dining room and bedroom furniture. – vintage furniture guide.

What are you waiting for? You need to make this awesome wall unit yours!!

Price: $7,995

Pair Boho Chic Organic Modern Wicker Twin Headboards

Aren’t these wicker headboards darling??? We certainly think they are. They are delicate and have wonderful, aged patina, but it just gives them more character. Of course, they would be wonderful in a young girl’s boho chic bedroom, one as a headboard and one as a footboard…Or two girls sharing a room…a headboard for each twin bed! But the possibilities don’t end there. You could set them side by side and use them as a headboard for your king size bed with a Hollywood frame for the mattress. Or…put one on each end of a twin mattress and you have a unique daybed or chaise! How awesome would that be in your mountain sunroom or a Florida beach home on your lanai or veranda?  They have a boho chic, organic modern, or tropical style that will blend in beautifully with any décor and have potential for many uses. Just be creative! We are totally in love with these awesome wicker headboards. You must be too? Just make them yours!

Price: $1,495

Ligne Roset Parallele Postmodern European King Size Platform Bed Attributed to Peter Maly

Is there anything better than a good night’s sleep?  Especially if you are sleeping on a bed as prestigious as this Ligne Roset Parallele platform bed which is attributed to Peter Maly! Well known for their elite collections, Ligne Roset has a reputation for quality, comfort, and unmatchable style. This Postmodern Italian piece is comprised of a beautiful ash wood veneer frame that holds webbed platform slats which alleviates the need for box springs. The mattress is included and sets right on the slats! The headboard is in two separate pieces and upholstered in a gaberdine-like corded fabric which is removeable if you only wish to use the platform. Its name, I’m fairly certain, is derived from the fact that the frame is comprised of two sets of horizontal parallel slabs that seem to float off the floor unsupported. Those horizontal pieces are in fact connected to vertical slabs that connect to the 5-inch rubber casters. The corners of the wood base have gray anodized plate aluminum spacers for an unexpected and attractive detail. AWESOME!! Just what you need for sweet dreams and stylish slumber!

Ligne Roset is a French modern furniture company that has over 200 stores and more than 1000 distributers worldwide. The company was founded by Antoine Roset in 1860 in Montagnieu, France. At this time, it was just a small business that manufactured bentwood walking sticks and in 1936 they started manufacturing furniture. Known for its artful collaborations with both established and up-and-coming talents in contemporary design, Ligne Roset offers consumers an entire lifestyle in which to live both boldly and beautifully via its furniture collections and complementary decorative accessories, lighting, rugs, textiles, and occasional items. Matching its deeply held belief in design with investment and technical innovation, Ligne Roset has grown from a small business to a multinational company with factories and headquarters in France and more than 200 exclusive Ligne Roset stores and 1,000 retail distributors worldwide. All the while, the company has been family-run since its inception in 1860.

You need to make it yours!

Price: $5,495

Antique Victorian Walnut & Burl Walnut Tall Lincoln Style Full Size Bed

When I was a teenager this high Victorian style of bed is what my mom (a very talented interior designer) put in my bedroom (previously I had a white and pink frilly canopy bed my dad made me) and it remained in her home long after I left. In my room it was paired with the matching Victorian dresser and washstand as nightstand. Beautiful. Fast forward a few years and I installed that very same high Victorian walnut bed in my 8-year-old only granddaughter’s bedroom. But this time I paired it with industrial stainless-steel vintage hospital nightstands and a funky and fun desk/makeup vanity. All this is just to tell you that no matter your design style this could be your fabulous bed. So, if you have fallen in love with its majestic tall Lincoln style headboard with all its turnings and carvings of walnut and burled walnut, and its oh so handsome footboard and siderails but wonder why…and what you are going to do with it in your modern home or industrial loft. Never fear. It will be incredible. Just make it yours!

Price: $4,495

Mid Century Modern Franklin Shockey Sculpted Pine Full Size Bed

We were so excited when we came across this fabulous mid-century modern full-size bed (along with several other matching pieces from the same collection so check our other listings)! It is by Franklin Shockey Furniture and from their Sculpted Pine Collection. Comprised of SOLID knotty pine! No veneers at all on this piece and it has all the natural character of the natural wood knot holes and all. This line of furniture by Franklin Shockey is a pleasant combination of the sleek undulating lines of mid-century modern mixed with the rustic pine of Dude Ranch or Adirondack furniture. Its arched legs and softly rounded edges have some similarities to Heywood Wakefield’s solid maple mid-century modern pieces as does its smooth beautiful finish. This bed has a gorgeous slab headboard and footboard, but the footboard is broken up with a great keyhole design. It comes with iron side rails. It will be amazing wherever you use it!

The Franklin Shockey Furniture Company of Lexington N.C. has a unique story. Franklin Shockey owned a financial investment firm in NYC. Sometime in 1940 he travelled south with his business partner, George Ennis, to purchase plywood for a small wooden item Mr. Shockey had invented. He fell in love with the beautiful solid woods he found there, purchased a factory, and began making his solid wood furniture. The furniture company became very successful operating into the 1960s. Although the furniture business was successful Mr. Shockey never stopped being involved with his investment firm. In 1980 Franklin Shockey passed at the age of 80.

We know you will love this bed as we do. Make it yours!

Price: $1,995

Mid Century Modern American of Martinsville Merton Gershun Urban Suburban Full-Size Bookcase Headboard

This is an incredible bookcase headboard from designer Merton Gershun for American of Martinsville. We have fallen in love with this here at the shop. Not much is known about Merton Gershun but the glory of his many marvelous designs for American of Martinsville. This line is called Urban Suburban and was produced in the 1960s. But you would never know that by its timeless design. I adore its symmetry, and usefulness. This sleek light maple bed is perfect for a guest bedroom or a teens room. Just add a Hollywood frame and a mattress and you are ready to go.

Little was available online about Merton Gershun but his designs for American of Martinsville are incredible and speak to his talent as a furniture designer. He was born August 7, 1909 and passed on January 3, 1989. It seems he spent the entirety of  his career designing for American of Martinsville. Although not as currently well-known as other mid-century modern designers, I feel his time is coming.

American of Martinsville was established in 1906 in Martinsville, Virginia by tobacco manufacturers, Ancil Witten and Charles Keesee. Early on they produced only bedroom furniture. In the 1920s they expanded their production to include dining room furniture and by the end of the 1950s was vast in their offerings in purpose and style. With the expansion of travel and roadside motels, they began offering a mass-produced line for the many motels popping up across the country and continued this through the end of the 20th century. In 2000 they were acquired by La-Z-Boy Incorporated and today specialize in furniture for the hotel and healthcare industries.

I’ve just been thinking…the heck with your kids and guests…with today’s smaller living quarters…you may just need this for yourself!!

Price: $995

Paul McCobb Planner Group Mid Century Modern Full-Size Headboard Brass & Birch

If you are looking for an iconic, simple, and handsome bed, or should I say headboard, here it is. This headboard is from the Planner Group which was designed by the renowned Paul McCobb for Winchendon. It is comprised of two round and slightly tapered simple birch posts which are connected by a wide flat horizontal piece of birch and a narrower top rail of horizontal birch. Those two pieces are then connected vertically with small diameter brass spindles. Its simplicity, as with most of mid-century furnishings, is a large part of its beauty.

Paul McCobb (1917-1969), is a 20th Century design genius. He wanted to be an artist from childhood and studied drawing and painting for a time but left his studies to enlist in the Army in 1942. Only serving a short time and was medically discharged in 1943. McCobb’s design genius was first noticed while working as a design and decorating consultant for Martin Feinman’s Modernage Furniture in New York City in 1948. While there he met B.G. Mesberg who later became his business partner in the Planner and Directional furniture lines. He won many awards and is represented in museums around the world. His other well-known furniture lines are Predictor, Calvin Group, Directional, Irwin Group, and Connoisseur Collection. Paul McCobb’s trend-making designs were an influence in all facets of the home furnishing field during the mid-century modern era. They proved to be classics and are widely sought after by collectors today.

You should make this fabulous mid-century modern piece of history yours.

Price: $995

Hollywood Regency Bohemian Bedroom Trio Gold Wicker Headboard Heart Chair & Mirror

This boho Hollywood Regency set is outstanding!!! Gold painted wicker, scrolls, hearts, spirals…what more could you ask for!? This full-sized headboard is perfect for a young girl’s room or guest room with its heart-shaped center shield and arched sides. Add to it the incredible little scrolly heart-backed vanity or accent chair and the oval mirror with gold wicker scroll clad frame and you have nothing short of magnificent. I’d combine these with some wonderful mid-century modern pieces or maybe a little steampunk. What do you think? You decide how you are going to use them then make them yours!

Price: $2,495

Antique French Carved Walnut and Upholstered Twin Bed with Asian Figural Fabric

Holy Cow! Whether you use this as a twin bed or pile it full of pillows and use it as a daybed it will be fabulous! This antique French bed is carved with a rope or ribbon design around all its edges on head and foot boards as well as sideboards. The headboard is taller than the footboard which is wonderful and typical as a bed; but it has been upholstered on all sides, so it could float in the room as a wonderful daybed. It wears a lovely cotton chintz with a red background adorned with Asian figures in striking positions and dressed in jewel toned heavily patterned kimono, obi, and robes. I imagine this bed being used not only in a traditional setting but looking magnificent in your boho chic loft apartment. This piece is so unusual and handsome, you absolutely need to make it yours!

Price: $3,295

Chrome Tube Vintage Mid-Century Modern Four Arch Full-Size Headboard

If you are looking for an outstanding headboard for a guest room or maybe a young person’s bedroom. Look no further. This is it. Comprised of a series of four round chrome tube arches with each outside loop acting as the legs. The arches are connected by a horizontal rectangular chrome tube. It looks rather like an abstract cityscape and is oh so cool! All it needs is a Hollywood frame and for you to make it yours.

Price: $1,495

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