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MCM Chrome & Walnut Veneer Entertainment Display Cabinet or Room Divider 3 Piece Unit by Lane Furniture

WOW!!!! You know that feeling when you see something, and you simply MUST have it?? Well, that’s exactly what happened when we laid eyes on this PHENOMINAL display cabinet by Lane Furniture! We are ALL in LOVE with this stunning three-piece mid-century modern to modern entertainment or display cabinet…which could also be used as a room divider as the backside is beautifully finished. Comprised of polished chromed metal tubing with chromed molded plastic corners, upper and lower glass shelves, and each unit holds a walnut veneer cabinet that is fixed in place, and a narrow-chromed metal tube and glass sofa or console table. The whole unit is modular so you can mix & match the way you want it to look. The doors on both cabinets have beautiful walnut veneer and chrome double ring pulls with an accent inlay of a vertical veneer stripe behind the handles…it’s just gorgeous!! The unit with the higher fixed cabinet has a walnut drawer inside with a white laminate desktop and a small new glass shelf on adjustable brackets. This unit could be used as a secretary or small desk. The unit with the lower fixed cabinet has the option of leaving it as open storage or it comes with a new glass shelf you can place on the adjustable brackets. The new glass shelves are not shown in photos. Both units have external upper and lower glass shelves. Each unit does have holes with clear plugs on the chromed tubing where it may be possible to add additional shelves if you want, and we could custom cut those for you if you desire. Three ¼ inch beveled glass shelves would be an additional $125.00 if you choose that option. We don’t have the original literature for this awesome entertainment center, so we aren’t sure exactly what the holes were intended for. The Lane logo is embossed/cast in the joints of the chrome plated plastic corners and OH MY GOODNESS, we haven’t even mentioned the fabulous narrow rectangular chromed metal and glass sofa or console table!!  It can be used with OR without the other two pieces! There are SO MANY possibilities and ways to use this stunning modular entertainment or display cabinet. We think a tall sculpture on one and a wonderful lamp on the other would be great, but it would also be a magnificent room divider, or you can use all three pieces separately!  If you love this entertainment center HALF as much as we do, you better hurry and make it yours…before we change our minds!!

Price: $4,995

Painted Off White Hollywood Regency BoHo Chic Four Panel Folding Screen with Floral Embossed Design

This folding screen is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Comprised of an off-white painted wood finish with applied design. This beautiful screen has four folding panel sections held with two-way brass hinges and stunningly embossed or textured gold designs that almost look like cabbage rose floral print. Two patterns are mirrored side by side. The two right sections with one design and the two left with another. The screens are so closely mirrored that when reversed are practically identical. The back is nice as well with a solid off-white painted finish on a horizontal four-panel pattern, so this screen would be wonderful free standing in a room. But it would be beautiful in any room you want a little privacy. Or hang it on a wall that needs something big with a little Hollywood Regency or Boho Chic style. It is in its original condition so, of course there is some yellowing and minor chips as you would expect with a vintage piece, but quite frankly, we feel like it has “aged to perfection” and has a fabulous patina. We ADORE this unique four panel folding screen and know that you must too, you need to make it yours!!!

Price: $1,995

Art Deco Revival 3 Panel Folding Screen or Room Divider

If this fantastic 70’s or 80’s folding screen doesn’t take you back to the roaring 1920s…..we don’t know what will!! Check out this groovy Art Deco Revival three panel folding screen! It is comprised of MDF that has been lacquered and hand painted with orbital circles and star or sun bursts with raised texture on one side and smooth design on the other. Beautifully blended bronzes and golds on the textured side and more silvers and grays on the smooth side…in the world of interior design we would call that color combo “Gliver!”  It speaks for itself!! The hinges are two-way, so it folds both ways offering many combinations of use. Use it in a small area to divide living space or in a large room as a backdrop to add some color and design to a plain space that needs some pop!

Did you know that Art Deco was not even a design or era term until Art Deco Revival came along? The name Art Deco is derived from The International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrials Arts (i.e. exposition internationale des arts decoratifs et industriels modernes) World’s Fair held in Paris from April to October 1925. It was held to highlight the new style moderne of architecture, interior decoration, furniture, glass, jewelry, and other decorative arts in Europe and throughout the world. The term Art Deco came much later but was coined from the 1925 title of the Expo. Art Deco Revival sprang up in the 1970s from the newfound love of this early 20th century avant-garde design.

Whatever your style, this screen is a must have…you need to make it yours!

Price: $2,495

Dual Sided Low Bookcase Console Table 3 Shelves & Inlaid Top Attr Theodore Alexander

This is an absolutely incredible piece of furniture! This dual sided low bookcase was attributed by its previous owner to Theodore Alexander; but it is unmarked. However, it has all the signs of fine luxury furniture produced by Theodore Alexander, a company from which you would naturally expect this high quality, since their founder is none other than the renowned Paul Maitland Smith. It has a rather Art Deco styling in my opinion and is comprised of gorgeous mahogany veneer with a four-panel chevron style inlaid top. This amazing piece would look perfect holding all your favorite books or maybe a collection of pottery or glass. It can be used floating in a room due to its double-sided display. It will make a fabulous room divider without a visual impairment. So simply and beautifully made it will look meant to be in any room and with any design style you may have. You must make it yours!!!

Price: $2,495

Vintage Asian Hand Carved 4 Panel Folding Screen or Room Divider Lacquered & Gilded

This is one of the most incredible folding screens we have come across and we had to have it to offer to you. We believe it to be Chinese circa mid-late 20th century. It is comprised of four panels each with two separate and individual hand carved scenes which are bordered top, between, and bottom with beautiful figure, floral, and filigree carvings. The frames and backs are lacquered black, or deep, deep brown, and the carvings are gilded on their protruding surfaces. Those carvings include Asian figures; pagodas; bridges; trees; plum, cherry, and orange blossoms; bamboo; chrysanthemums; and more. I’m sure they tell a story. The backs are not carved but are beautifully finished and gorgeous in their simplicity. One of the wonderful assets of Asian design is its versatility. This screen will be perfect in a mid-century modern setting or traditional; combined with a Hollywood Regency flair or in juxtaposition in an industrial loft. No matter the style or the placement it will be magnificent! Make it yours.

Price: $3,495

Mid Century Woven Wood Folding Screen 4 Panel Room Divider in Pine

Just look at this gorgeous folding screen! It will look perfect wherever you use it and, frankly, whatever your style. Comprised of thin two-inch wide pine strips that are woven horizontally inside four pine frames creating a privacy screen. Each panel is connected by brass double action hinges so the panels can fold either way offering many combinations of use. Use it in small living space to separate the dining room from the living room and provide a gorgeous backdrop for beautiful lounge chair and ottoman. Or put it in the corner of a dining room to disguise yet another corner with a large potted plant and table placed in front. Don’t hesitate. Make it yours now.

Price: $1,795

Mid Century Danish Modern Walnut Expanding Entertainment Bookcase Room Divider

What a wonderful and useful piece of mid-century modern furniture! Comprised of two separate pieces covered in walnut veneer that when combined create an incredible entertainment cabinet or bookcase or desk, corner unit or room divider. It has a lower base unit with a stop on one end and an upper unit with a leg on the opposite end. It expands and even can be put into an L-shape. The lower unit has an opening for hmmmm??? What? Books? Printer? And, a section with dividers for LP record albums! Or files. The upper unit has a top, one shelf, a drawer, and an opening for a turntable! Or printer. Closed it is 49 inches wide. Slid open halfway it is 72 inches wide and provides a knee hole for a desk chair. Slid open all the way it is 95.5 inches wide providing a lot more space for your knees! Plus, enough space above the lower unit for a television or very large monitor. Additionally, if you put the upper unit on the lower unit at 90 degrees it fits in a corner or, since the upper unit is finished on both sides, a room divider. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a versatile piece of furniture! It isn’t marked with a maker’s name…..but who cares! It’s fabulous! You should have it.

Price: $1,995

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