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Hermes Silk "Quai aux Fleurs" Carré, Scarf Designed by Hugo Grygkar

If you can only have one Hermes carré, you should make it this one! Beautifully designed in 1952 by the premier Hermes designer Hugo Grygkar and exquisitely made circa 1990 this scarf is perfection. Its title “Quai aux Fleurs” describes this design wonderfully and brings two sought after styles together, equestrian and floral. The center portrays a flower merchant loading his horse-drawn flower coach with glorious flowers while his horse stands at stately attention. The center is bordered by an architectural wall and the outer border is strewn with gorgeous flowers including carnation, lily of the valley, peony and more and is dotted with butterflies and lady bugs. Its soft coloration can be neutral or, with the right outfit, pull-out the subtle colors of the flowers. It has a primary overall look and feel of silver-gray and white with just the right amount of thin black lines for accent and then you notice the beautiful but subtle blues, pinks, yellows and greens of the floral border and the details in the center medallion. It is an exceptional piece of art and in perfect condition.

Price: $426

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