product sheet from warehouse414  |  November 28, 2021

Mid Century Modern Steelcase Coral Vinyl Fabric & Brushed Steel Dining Armchairs Set of 8

CAUGHT YOU STARING!! Well, of course we did…who could blame you? Just look at these compelling coral dining chairs!! WOW!!… This is a magnificent set of eight Steelcase dining armchairs comprised of brushed steel frames and the perfect blend of vinyl and fabric unique to each chair. We have five with fabric on the arms and three with vinyl on them. The seats all have fabric tops and the backs of all the chairs are vinyl. Just gorgeous! They would complement any dining room table and add a splash of industrial, mid-century modern flair. They do have a bit of normal age-appropriate wear but nothing that distracts from their awesomness! Did you get a good look at those beautiful, brushed steel legs? Sturdy and stunning! They are comfortable enough for those long family dinners when the kids refuse to finish their veggies and stylish enough to host an impressive dinner party for your boss or the in-laws!! This set of dining chairs has it all! Looks, luxury, and LOTS of personality! You need to make them yours!

Price: $2,995

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