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Collection of Five Vintage Mexican Folk Art Hand Carved Wood Masks

Collection of Five Vintage Mexican Folk Art Hand Carved Wood Masks

These are fantastic! And you better make them yours quick before I change my mind. This is a collection of five hand carved folk-art masks from Mexico. They are in varying sizes and colors and types. Four have been painted. One was only stained. One has a carved beard and leather horns, or ears, or maybe it’s a crown. I’m not sure what area of Mexico these are from and whether they were ever danced or were just made for tourist trade, but they are incredible. And will make a fabulous statement hanging in your home whether as a group or singly. Truly an unquestionable work of art. Make them yours.

Price: $1,995


Product Short Description :

Fabulous vintage collection of five Mexican hand carved wood folk art masks. These make a wonderful wall collage. They are all in varying degrees of condition, but all have nice age patina including worn paint, chips, and dings. Circa 1950s-1970s.



  • Mask 1 – 5 H x 6.5 W x 3.75 D Inches
  • Mask 2 – 8.25 H x 6.25 W x 4.5 D Inches
  • Mask 3 – 7.25 H x 6.5 W x 6 D Inches
  • Mask 4 – 7 H x 6.5 W x 4.25 D Inches
  • Mask 5 – 6.5 H x 6 W x 3.5 D Inches


Boxed Size:

  • Height – 16 Inches
  • Width – 23 Inches
  • Depth – 21 Inches
  • Weight – 6 Pounds



Additional Information:

  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • STYLE / PERIOD: Folk Art
  • SUBJECT: Mask
  • DATE: Circa: 1950s, 1960s, 1970s

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