24 Piece Collection of Blue Niloak Mid Century Pottery


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Holy cow! Blue, blue, my love is blue……! I had never seen this much Niloak in one place before obtaining this collection. And all in one color. It is so gorgeous! What better way for you to jump right into the blue trend in decorating. These will be incredible whether you display them all together in one place or scatter them about. Someone spent years at and put in a lot of love into gathering these beauties. Please see below for list and sizes.

Niloak is a line of pottery which was produced in Benton, Arkansas by Eagle Pottery Company. Eagle was found in 1890s by Charles Dean Hyten and his brothers. By 1904 Eagle was the largest pottery-ware business in the Benton area. Then in 1909 Arthur Dovey joined Hyten, by then the sole owner, to develop an operation to produce art pottery. Thus, began Niloak. The name Niloak is the spelling of kaolin reversed. Kaolin is the main ingredient of porcelain. Niloak was and is best known for their Swirl pottery resembling marbled paper. Then in 1932 Niloak transitioned from hand thrown products to slip-cast and mold-pressed production which was spearheaded by Stoin M. Stoin. These 62 Hywood shapes were simply marked on the bottom Niloak. Beginning in 1939 new shapes were added that provided a lip and the bottoms of pieces were able to be glazed. Because of the war effort many materials were regulated which were used in the Niloak glazes and clay, so the recipes were reformulated. After the war regular production resumed and new bright glazes were used. By the end of 1947 Niloak was no more.

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Handsome 24-piece collection of bright blue Niloak mid-century pottery. They are all in fabulous vintage condition apart from the small glossy glazed Dutch shoe. It sounds like it is cracked but I cannot visually see a crack. The rest appear to have no chips, cracks, or chiggers, and very light crazing if any. Please see photos. We are selling this as a complete 24-piece set. Five pieces are not marked. They are noted in the list. Circa 1937-1947.

List of Pottery Items with Sizes:

  • Southern Belle Planter – 10H x 8W x 8D Inches
  • Dutch Shoe Gloss Glaze – 2.25H x 2.25W x 4.5D Inches
  • Winged Victory Swirl Vase – 6.5H x 3.75W x 3.75D Inches
  • 2-Handled Baskets – 3.25H x 3W x 3D Inches
  • Rocking Horse Planter – 6.5H x 2.25W x 6.25D Inches
  • Urn Vase w/Flowers – 7H x 4W x 3.75D Inches
  • Ruffled Lip Vase Mottled Glaze – 5.75H x 5W x 5D Inches – NOT MARKED – May be Rumrill
  • Contented Frog Planter – 4.5H x 4.75W x 5.5D Inches
  • Wing-Handled Vase – 5.75H x 5.5W x 4D Inches
  • Tulip or Daffodil Pitcher – 10.75H x 5.5W x 6.75D Inches
  • Double-Armed Small Vase Bulbous Bottom – 5.5H x 2.5W x 2.5D Inches – NOT MARKED
  • Tiny Pitcher –2.75 H x 2W x 2D Inches – NOT MARKED
  • Cameo Pitcher – 10.25H x 4.5W x 4.5D Inches
  • Plain Ewer – 7H x 2.5W x 2.5D Inches
  • Vase w/Leaves & Dots – 8H x 3W x 3D Inches
  • Trumpet Vase Bulbous Bottom – 7.5H x 2.5W x 2.5D Inches
  • 2 Dutch Shoes Matte Glaze – 2.25H x 2.25W x 2.75D Inches
  • Jug Salt & Pepper Shakers – 3.5H x 3.25W x 3.5D Inches – NOT MARKED but Documented
  • Squirrel Planter – 5.5H x 3W x 5.5D Inches
  • Circus Elephant Gloss Glaze – 5.75H x 3W x 5D Inches
  • Dove Planter – 8.5H x 5W x 9D Inches
  • Weight All – 23.8 Pounds


Boxed Size:

  • Height – 24 Inches
  • Width – 24 Inches
  • Depth – 24 Inches
  • Weight – 40 Pounds


We ask that the buyer cover freight.

100 MILES OR LESS OF 66607
White Glove, Blanket-wrapped Est. Delivery: 5 biz days


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