24 Piece Collection of Blue Niloak Mid Century Pottery


Handsome 24-piece collection of bright blue Niloak mid-century pottery. They are all in fabulous vintage condition apart from the small glossy glazed Dutch shoe. It sounds like it is cracked but I cannot visually see a crack. The rest appear to have no chips, cracks, or chiggers, and very light crazing if any. Please see photos. We are selling this as a complete 24-piece set. Five pieces are not marked. They are noted in the list. Circa 1937-1947.

List of Pottery Items with Sizes:

  • Southern Belle Planter – 10H x 8W x 8D Inches
  • Dutch Shoe Gloss Glaze – 2.25H x 2.25W x 4.5D Inches
  • Winged Victory Swirl Vase – 6.5H x 3.75W x 3.75D Inches
  • 2-Handled Baskets – 3.25H x 3W x 3D Inches
  • Rocking Horse Planter – 6.5H x 2.25W x 6.25D Inches
  • Urn Vase w/Flowers – 7H x 4W x 3.75D Inches
  • Ruffled Lip Vase Mottled Glaze – 5.75H x 5W x 5D Inches – NOT MARKED – May be Rumrill
  • Contented Frog Planter – 4.5H x 4.75W x 5.5D Inches
  • Wing-Handled Vase – 5.75H x 5.5W x 4D Inches
  • Tulip or Daffodil Pitcher – 10.75H x 5.5W x 6.75D Inches
  • Double-Armed Small Vase Bulbous Bottom – 5.5H x 2.5W x 2.5D Inches – NOT MARKED
  • Tiny Pitcher –2.75 H x 2W x 2D Inches – NOT MARKED
  • Cameo Pitcher – 10.25H x 4.5W x 4.5D Inches
  • Plain Ewer – 7H x 2.5W x 2.5D Inches
  • Vase w/Leaves & Dots – 8H x 3W x 3D Inches
  • Trumpet Vase Bulbous Bottom – 7.5H x 2.5W x 2.5D Inches
  • 2 Dutch Shoes Matte Glaze – 2.25H x 2.25W x 2.75D Inches
  • Jug Salt & Pepper Shakers – 3.5H x 3.25W x 3.5D Inches – NOT MARKED but Documented
  • Squirrel Planter – 5.5H x 3W x 5.5D Inches
  • Circus Elephant Gloss Glaze – 5.75H x 3W x 5D Inches
  • Dove Planter – 8.5H x 5W x 9D Inches
  • Weight All – 23.8 Pounds


Boxed Size:

  • Height – 24 Inches
  • Width – 24 Inches
  • Depth – 24 Inches
  • Weight – 40 Pounds
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