Holy Cow! This incredible sofa is by one of the most sought after and revered mid-century modern designers, Adrian Pearsall, for his company, Craft Associates. Pearsall graduated in 1950 from the University of Illinois with an Architectural Engineering degree and in 1952 founded Craft Associates to manufacture his own designs, which trumpeted in the Atomic Age! They have now become mid-century modern design icons. And this model 2408-S sofa is one of the finest examples.


The 2408-S sofa appears to float off the ground on a sculptural walnut base, thus garnering its nick-name of gondola sofa. Its long slender profile is enhanced with the use of a single seat cushion. And, this profile is heightened further by the backless space between the three-cushion back and very low arms. This example has been recently reupholstered in a teal and olive foliage figural fabric. Although it is in great condition, most will want to recover, and we have priced it as such. The beautiful walnut base has been color restored and reglued for stability. You will find the original 2408-S marking on the structural frame underneath its dustcover as well as a paper label with the name of the retailer, C. A. Karlan Furniture. Karlan’s was a well known up-scale furniture dealer in my hometown of Topeka for many, many years.


If you are looking for a classic vintage mid-century modern sofa, this is it. Make it yours.

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