Aldo Londi Bird on Stand by Bitossi for Rosenthal-Netter Vintage Mid Century Modern Pair


Aldo Londi Bird on Stand by Bitossi for Rosenthal-Netter Vintage Mid Century Modern Pair



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These better sell quick or they will move to my private stash! That’s the problem about being in this business…..its my passion too. This pair of birds on a stand, that cleverly replicates a pair of long bird legs, were designed by the great Italian artist Aldo Londi in 1955. This pair, according to Bitossi and the number on the Rosenthal-Netter sticker on the underside, are circa 1976. One of these birds alone is great. A pair, of differing heights, is fabulous! They boast a gorgeous white glaze with sporadic brown ad black speckles on their top halves, and a matt and textured dark brown, almost black, glaze to their lower halves, eyes, and beaks. The intriguing part about their half-way mark is that it runs diagonally. Proving, along with the legs as stand, Aldo Londi’s artistic genius.

The names Aldo Londi, Bitossi, and Rosenthal-Netter are used together so much they are almost synonymous. However, they are three different entities. Aldo Londi, artist and designer; Bitossi, famed Italian ceramics maker; and Rosenthal-Netter, importer to the US of beautiful Italian ceramics. This pair of birds claim all three.

Aldo Londi, 1911-2003, was a painter, sculptor and ceramicist. He devoted his entire life to art. After being a POW in Africa during WWII, he went to work for Bitossi Ceremiche. In 1946 he became Art Director. He ended his reign as Art Director in 1976 but continued contributing till his death in 2003. His designs were wonderful but his skill with developing glazes was exceptional!

Although the Bitossi family had been making art pottery since the mid-19th century, it was not incorporated until 1921 when done so by Guido Bitossi. They always did well, but when Aldo Londi joined them with his talent and mindset they flourished. Londi not only developed glazes and whimsical animal figures but brought other influential and experimental designers on board. They continue today producing beautiful pieces designed by the likes of not only Londi but Sottsass, Bocini, and Rashid.

Rosenthal Netter was formed in 1959 as a US based importer of primarily Italian ceramics. They imported from Bitossi and other like companies as well as having commissioned originals produced. They remained in business until around the 1980s.

This pair of birds are icons of mid-century design greats. Not only the designer but the maker and importer as well. Plus, they are incredible to gaze upon. You must make them yours.

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Handsome pair of Aldo Londi designed ceramic sculptures of a bird or dove on a metal stand in white and dark brown glaze on red clay. This classic mid-century modern pair is produced by Bitossi of Italy for US importer Rosenthal-Netter. They are in wonderful vintage condition. There are no outstanding flaws. There are some tiny chips around the holes where the legs are inserted, and the metal stands show some age. Please see photos. Circa 1976


  • Bird One O/A Size – 13.75H x 8W x 3.5D Inches
  • Bird One Size W/O Stand – 4.5H x 8W x 3.25D Inches
  • Bird Two O/A Size – 10.25H x 8W x 3.5D Inches
  • Bird Two Size W/O Stand – 4.75H x 8W x 3.5D Inches
  • Weight – 5.9 Pounds All


Boxed Size:

  • Height – 20 Inches
  • Width – 14 Inches
  • Depth – 15 Inches
  • Weight – 10 Pounds


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