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Whoa! This is an incredible example of Aldo Londi’s work. It is from the Seta series. Specifically, Seta with gold. Which translated means Silk with gold. I can see the silk likeness in the horizontal lines and striations in the matt enamel glaze with its alternating bands of black and gold with rosy red, white and orange on the red clay base. Take note of its rosy red interior glaze. The bottle has a conical shape that is cinched in at the neck flaring back out to accept the tapered stopper. It exhibits the concave bottom indicative of Bitossi and is marked as well with V333/35 Italy. Communication with Bitossi confirmed its heritage. Aldo Londi and Bitossi had a lifelong connection.

Aldo Londi, 1911-2003, was a painter, sculptor and ceramicist. He devoted his entire life to art. After being a POW in Africa during WWII, he went to work for Bitossi Ceremiche. In 1946 he became Art Director. He ended his reign as Art Director in 1976 but continued contributing till his death in 2003. His designs were wonderful but his skill with developing glazes was exceptional!

Although the Bitossi family had been making art pottery since the mid-19th century, it was not incorporated until 1921 when done so by Guido Bitossi. They always did well, but when Aldo Londi joined them with his talent and mindset they flourished. Londi not only developed glazes and whimsical animal figures but brought other influential and experimental designers on board. They continue today producing beautiful pieces designed by the likes of not only Londi but Sottsass, Bocini, and Rashid.

This exceptional piece deserves a place of prominence in your collection or maybe highlighted all on its own. Whichever, you need to make it yours.


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Fabulous example of Aldo Londi’s Seta with gold pattern and glaze in this bottle with stopper for Bitossi Ceremiche of Italy. It is in wonderful vintage condition with no outstanding flaws, chips, cracks, or chiggers that we have found. Please see photos. Communication with Bitossi and the signature on the bottom dates this to circa 1959-1963.


  • O/A Height – 15 Inches
  • O/A Diameter – 4.5 Inches
  • Bottle Only Height – 13.25 Inches
  • Stopper Height O/A – 3.25 Inches
  • Stopper Diameter – 1.75 Inches
  • Weight – 2.2 Pounds


Boxed Size:

  • Height – 19 Inches
  • Width – 8 Inches
  • Depth – 8 Inches
  • Weight – 5 Pounds


We ask that the buyer cover freight.

100 MILES OR LESS OF 66607
White Glove, Blanket-wrapped Est. Delivery: 5 biz days


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