Gilded Metal Chrysanthemum Asian Lamps



Asian-style gilded metal lamps with Stiffel shades (the lamps could be Stiffel, but have no markings evident) with wooden base and three-dimensional chrysanthemums. These lamps are fine examples of how texture can make a huge statement! The detail on each gilded leaf and flower is precise, and the overall effect is one of ornate elegance and charm. The lamps are hollow, with woven fiber screens inside and they can be lit from within as well as providing overhead light, but we haven’t investigated how to do this, which seems to require taking apart the lamp at the base, probably needing for the interior bulbs to simply be replaced. They are in excellent working condition otherwise, and physically in great condition as well, except for a couple of small, barely noticeable tears in the inner fiber.  The shades are clearly stamped “Stiffel,” but we are unsure if the lamps themselves are Stiffel lamps or not. The shades are in good condition other than a couple of minor stains.

17” x 17” x 19”

H: 41” W: 9.5” L: 9.5”



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