Life-sized Blue Heron Wood Carved Figure on Stand Signed


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Imagine yourself cruising the coastline in your convertible and out in the distance, just above the shore, taking slow, deep wingbeats flies a massive and graceful Great Blue Heron…. A breathtaking vision!! Or is he standing motionless at the riverside scanning the edges of the water for his dinner? The sheer presence of the Great Blue Heron is a majestic site, and so is this amazing carved and painted life-sized sculpture we have to offer you. His characteristics are realistic to live blue herons such as his slate gray painted wooden body, which is signed VJP 12179, so we know he was created in 1979, but the VJP remains a mystery. His long, sleek S shaped neck, and his very long slender painted rebar legs with just the right bend at his knees. His painted rebar feet are perched upon a wooden base painted like a dock or pier and there is a focused stare in his perfectly painted eyes while his long, narrow chestnut beak is ready to spear a fish. His presence is powerful and pleasant, and he would be fabulous in a sunroom or Lanai in your Floridian home, an entry room in your beach house, or standing proudly at your tiki bar. This beautiful bird has flown away with our hearts and must have yours too. You need to make him yours!!

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Magnificent life size blue heron carved figure on a stand. It is signed VJP 12179 and is comprised of painted wood, plaster, and rebar legs and feet. Gorgeous vintage condition with a small touch up on the neck where the plaster meets the body was chipped and has been touched up. Please see photos. Circa 1979.

Blue Heron:

  • Height – 52 Inches
  • Width – 6.5 Inches
  • Depth – 21 Inches
  • Base – 3.5 x 13.5 x 14 Inches
  • Weight – 20.76 Pounds

Boxed/Crated Size:

  • Height – 58 Inches
  • Width – 13 Inches
  • Depth – 27 Inches
  • Boxed Weight – 35 Pounds
  • Crated Weight – 100 Pounds


We ask that the buyer cover freight.

100 MILES OR LESS OF 66607
White Glove, Blanket-wrapped Est. Delivery: 5 biz days


Pickup at 414 SE 2nd St.
Call us at 232.8008 to schedule

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