Mid Century Italian Blown Glass Sommerso Bowl w/ Assorted Fruit


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Incredible Mid Century Italian Sommerso Bowl with Assorted Fruit. In wonderful vintage condition. Some scratches to bottom of bowl and the leaf is missing on the lemon but only noticable on close inspection. Absolutely monumental in size and style.

  • BOWL
  • • Height – 5 inches
  • • Length – 15 inches
  • • Depth – 10 inches
  • • Weight – 14 pounds

Fruit Sizes:

  • • Orange – 4×4 inches
  • • Lemmon – 5×4 inches
  • • Cherries – 5×3 inches
  • • Bananas – 7×2 inches each


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You haven’t seen anything like this Mid Century Italian blown glass Sommerso bowl w/ assorted fruit!!  In the art glass world the size of this bowl is monumental and the fabulous clear blue makes such a statement.  It is filled with very cool Italian glass fruit which could actually stand on its own wonderfully on a shelf.  The fruit, blown with gold leaf flecks, consists of an orange, a lemon, two bananas, and a bunch of three cherries. The lemon seems to have lost its leaf but only noticable on close examination. I assume this was originally a console bowl and fruit set. Definitely circa Mid Century. This is a piece for your collection not to pass.  This size and in this condition does not surface too often.

In case you are not familiar with the term Sommerso, as I was not, here is a description from Wikipedia:  Sommerso (lit. “submerged” in Italian), or “sunken glasses“, is a form of artistic Murano glass that has layers of contrasting colors (typically two), which are formed by dipping a gather of colored glass into another molten glass and then blowing the gather into the desired shape; the outermost layer, or casing, is often clear. Sommerso was developed in Murano during the late thirties and was made popular by Seguso d’Arte in the fifties. This process is a popular technique for vases, and is sometimes used for sculptures.