Mid-Century Modern Planner Group Dining Chairs by Paul McCobb for Winchendon Set of 5

Mid-Century Modern Planner Group Dining Chairs by Paul McCobb for Winchendon Set of 5

Fabulous set of five mid-century modern Planner Group style #1534 dining chairs by Paul McCobb for Winchendon. Comprised of a dark walnut finished maple. They have been newly upholstered at some point in their recent past in a brown background fabric with chenille squiggly undulating lines in gold and turquoise or teal. Beautiful condition with age-appropriate wear as you would expect with vintage pieces. Two of the chair backs do have small nicks. One has been repaired. All chairs have been re-glued. We have used restore-a-finish on the original finish to bring back its original shine. Please see photos. Circa 1949-1964.


  • Height – 35.25 Inches
  • Width Side Chairs – 21 Inches
  • Depth Side Chairs – 19.5 Inches
  • Seat Height – 18 Inches
  • Inside Seat Width Side Chairs – 14.5 – 18 Inches
  • Inside Seat Depth Side Chairs – 17 Inches
  • Inside Back Height – 17.5 Inches
  • Weight Side Chairs – 12.8 Pounds Each


Crated Size:

  • Height – 53 Inches
  • Width – 48 Inches
  • Depth – 30 Inches
  • Weight – 170 Pounds

SIMPLY AMAZING!! What a fabulous set of five mid-century modern dining chairs! They are part of the Planner Group for Winchendon designed by internationally known and revered designer Paul McCobb. They are style number 1534, and they are comprised of a beautiful maple frame with a dark walnut finish. The foam seats are covered in a brown chenille fabric with raised fiber squiggly undulating lines in colors of gold and turquoise or maybe its teal. The fabric is so awesome it reminds us of a comfy chenille bedspread. Just gorgeous. The most dynamic feature of these Planner Group chairs is the design of the back of the chair… it’s called their wing back. It is simply stunning. Not to mention their long and tapered legs. The Planner Group, in its time was considered one of America’s foremost coordinated groups of contemporary furniture. It obtained widespread acclaim and honors. It was praised by designers and architects for its simplicity, scale, refined lines, and its variety. It still is today. This set of Planner Group dining chairs would look marvelous by themselves in a sitting room or around a game table but combined with an incredible pair of host and hostess chairs they will be outstanding in your mid-century modern dining room.

Paul McCobb (1917-1969) is a 20th Century design genius. He wanted to be an artist from childhood and studied drawing and painting for a time but left his studies to enlist in the Army in 1942. Only serving a short time and was medically discharged in 1943. McCobb’s design genius was first noticed while working as a design and decorating consultant for Martin Feinman’s Modernage Furniture in New York City in 1948. While there he met B.G. Mesberg who later became his business partner in the Planner and Directional furniture lines. He won many awards and is represented in museums around the world. His other well-known furniture lines are Predictor, Calvin Group, Directional, Irwin Group, and Connoisseur Collection. Paul McCobb’s trend-making designs were an influence in all facets of the home furnishing field during the mid-century modern era. They proved to be classics and are widely sought after by collectors today.

This stunning set of five Planner Group dining chairs is ready to grace your home with excellence and prestige…. you MUST make them yours!

Keep in mind warehouse414 items are vintage and not new; they will have signs of use and wear. Please see photos and zoom in for details. We attempt to portray any imperfections.


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