Mid-Century Modern Trio Square Walnut Cube Stools Black Upholstered Tops by Jack Cartwright for Founders Furniture Patterns 7 Line


Amazing mid-century modern trio of square walnut cube stools number 42102-01 with black faux leather upholstered tops by Jack Cartwright for Founders Furniture’s Patterns 7 line. Beautiful condition, keeping in mind that these are vintage and not new so will have signs of use and wear. One seat cushion has a repair to its underside, one stool has a scratch to one side, and another stool has a repair to one corner. Please see photos and zoom in for details. We attempt to portray any imperfections. Circa, Mid-20th Century.

PROPRIOTOR’S NOTE: Although these stools are not marked with a maker’s name, they are stamped inside with the number 42102-01. My 30-year experience in the vintage furniture business lead me to believe they were Founder’s Furniture and with the help of a great FB Group I was able to find this number, without the -01, in one of their catalogs for Patterns 7 designed by Jack Cartwright. It is the number for a fabulous Founder’s Furniture cube side table which looks exactly like these stools apart from the padded removable seats and the measurements are the same. My feeling, as well as some of the experts, that these were a factory special order or undocumented offering using the existing side table as the base and adding the cushion. However, I cannot document that thought. They could have been something someone did themselves, but I do not think that as they are too factory-made in my opinion.

Cubes Each:

  • Height – 17.75 Inches
  • Width – 16 Inches
  • Depth – 16 Inches
  • Weight – 28.07 Pounds


Crated Size All 3:

  • Height – 60 Inches
  • Width – 22 Inches
  • Depth – 22 Inches
  • Crated Weight – 110 Pounds


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