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Spanish Revival Curule Foot Stool Ottoman w/ Leather Seat & Straps by Artes De Mexico Internacionales

Spanish Revival Curule Foot Stool Ottoman w/ Leather Seat & Straps by Artes De Mexico Internacionales

You need this awesome Spanish Revival foot stool or ottoman! It is fabulous. It is hand made by Artes de Mexico Internacionales, and retains its original tag, of a South American wood similar to mahogany. It is comprised of the classic curule or Savonarola style X legs with a wood frame seat that has heavy thick leather hide stretched around it for the seat. It has two wide leather straps that come across the seat and hang down in front. The leather is adorned with hand forged nail heads and buckles. Plus, a hand forged four petal medallion accents the middle of the X of the curule legs. This stool will be perfect in your Hacienda, or in your Southwestern, country, or mountain home. It will even look marvelous mixed with your mid-century modern décor or in your industrial loft.

Artes de Mexico Internacionales, SA imported artisan handmade piece from Mexico to the US exclusively for sale to the trade. FYI to the trade means they were sold only to architects and interior designers and not to the public. This makes their pieces more exclusive so harder to find. In addition to the tag, some of their items were signed by the artists. So, do not confuse them with Arte de Mexico which is a Los Angeles based shop selling, although beautiful pieces as well, production pieces to the public.

Although we are deeming this stool Spanish Revival, it could easily be called Spanish Hacienda style, Spanish Colonial, or Baroque. Whatever you decide to call it…you should call it yours.

Price: $1,895

SKU: 414-SEA-312

Product Short Description :

Handsome Spanish Revival curule or Savonarola style foot stool or ottoman with heavy leather seat and straps by Artes de Mexico Internacionales. It is in amazing original vintage condition with beautiful age patina. Please see photos. Circa 1960s.


  • Height – 16.25 Inches
  • Width – 24.75 Inches
  • Depth – 16.25 Inches
  • Weight – 12.6 Pounds


Boxed Size:

  • Height – 23 Inches
  • Width – 31 Inches
  • Depth – 23 Inches
  • Weight – 25 Pounds

Additional Information:

  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • MAKER: Artes de Mexico Internacionales, SA
  • STYLE / PERIOD: Spanish Colonial Revival, Spanish Revival
  • MATERIALS: Leather, Wood
  • DATE: Circa: 1960s

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