These incredible Spanish Revival Mediterranean style wrought iron, wood, and upholstered lounge chairs are yet another treasure from the apartment complex clubhouse where we struck gold. These were part of the original Mediterranean décor done in 1970. Now they are remodeling. What a shame! But we get to offer the treasures to you. Although these chairs not marked with the Artes de Mexico Internacionales, SA tag, most of the pieces we obtained are. So, we are calling the unmarked ones in the style of.


The chairs are comprised of wrought iron scrollwork as the sides, frame, arm supports, and legs. The arms are wood with an upholstered arm pad that are connected to the arched chair back at he plateau of the arch and curve gently downward to the front arm support. They have a separate seat and back which is currently upholstered in its original wine colored faux suede fabric. The fabric could be used. However, they would be fantastic reupholstered in real suede. And, they will look fantastic in your Spanish Hacienda! Or, your Southwestern or mountain home.


Artes de Mexico Internacionales, SA imported handmade pieces from Mexico, some even signed by their makers, exclusively for sale to the trade. Which means they sold only to architects and interior designers and not to the general public. Thus, making the pieces harder to find and more exclusive. And, although they have beautiful pieces as well, do not confuse it with Arte de Mexico which is a Los Angeles based shop selling production pieces to the public.


Don’t hesitate. Make these awesome Spanish Revival Mediterranean style lounge chairs yours!

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