Vintage Largescale Model Covered Wagon or Prairie Schooner Pony or Goat Cart

Interesting largescale model of a covered wagon aka prairie schooner, pony or goat cart. It is in wonderful vintage condition with nice age patina. Please see photos. Circa late 20th century.

Covered Wagon:

  • Height – 48.5 Inches
  • O/A Width – 27 Inches
  • O/A Length – 90 Inches
  • Length of Wagon Only – 54 Inches
  • Weight – 147.2 Pounds


Crated Size:

  • Height – 55 Inches
  • Width – 33 Inches
  • Depth – 60 Inches
  • Weight – 290 Pounds


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How cool is this!!?? Everyone needs it in their life….a scale model covered wagon. Or, as they were sometimes romantically called, prairie schooner. This was due to their broad white canvas covers resemblance to the white sails of a ship crossing the sea. Can’t you just envision the long line (sometime up to 200) of these beautiful wagons travelling West though the beautiful tallgrass prairies? I learned so much researching this unique treasure. First, it is not a Conestoga wagon. They were shaped differently and much too heavy to cross the prairie. Secondly, the covered wagon is just what the name infers. They were primarily a farm wagon that was adapted and covered with a canvas roof for travelling west into new lands of opportunity. They were normally not ridden in but walked beside and they hauled supplies needed for the four to six-month excursion. Our scaled model has a full wood roof instead of arched wood supports for the canvas rather like a gypsy wagon that has been covered with the canvas. This wonderful example could be used as it was meant to be as a pony, goat, or large dog cart. But we have envisioned it as yard/garden art loaded with plants and flowers but only in a covered, protected, or enclosed area as it wouldn’t last long in direct weather. Or, as an interesting store display. It could also be converted to a fun bar! The sky’s the limit. Let your imagination soar just like our pioneer ancestors! Make this novel nod to history and icon of the American West yours!

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Canvas, Metal, Wood

DATE: Circa

Mid-Late 20th Century