Oh, I love this table. I just cannot help but think of the stories it could tell. It is so perfectly rustic industrial. It is comprised of pine with the top being tongue and groove and has iron folding leg braces allowing the legs to fold up under the table for portability. I imagine this being one of those tables brought out to feed the crews when the traveling workers were at a farm for harvest. My mom always said she had cooked enough for the threshers! Or maybe it traveled from construction site to construction site as a plan table? And it could be a portable wallpaper hanger folding table, but I think it is a little large for that. No matter what it was it can be fantastic as your permanent dining table or just one you bring out when the crowd is too big. I can see it piled high with holiday goodies! It is perfect for an industrial loft, your modern county home, or your farmhouse getaway. Just make it yours!

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