Vintage Set of 4 Bronze Nesting Singing Bowls or Standing Bowls with Mallet


Vintage Set of 4 Bronze Nesting Singing Bowls or Standing Bowls with Mallet

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DATE: Circa

20th Century





This is an incredible set of four singing bowls, standing bowls, or the many other names these beautiful pieces go by. In each one of these works of art you can see the hand of the maker. It is said the standing bowl originated in China somewhere from 16th-11th century BC and were called Nao. Of course, this set is not that old! We believe them to be 20th century AD. They were not produced as sets at that time but as single specimens or sometimes in chimed sets of three. Initially used in the Orient primarily in religious ceremonies, around the 1970s or possibly earlier, they became a modern-day phenomenon in the western hemisphere being used as musical instruments, ceremonial amenities, or alternative healing. To create their beautiful sound the bowls are struck with a mallet of varying types to create different sustained ringing. Therefore, another name they go by is struck bowl. Sound can also be generated by running a specific mallet around the inside rim in a continual motion to create a different type of vibration. And water can be added for tuning. Now, having told you all this……I would use them as a gorgeous centerpiece or stunning décor and object d’art. So, whether you love them for their sound or their looks….you need to make them yours.

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Handsome set of 4 nesting singing bowls or standing bowls with 1 mallet for playing. Handmade of bronze or bell metal with no design. They are in wonderful vintage condition and have awesome patina. You can see the maker’s hand. Please see photos. Circa 20th century.

NOTE: We have several sets of these we are listing in the next few weeks so please look at our other offerings if you want a larger or smaller set or a single.

Bowl Sizes:

  • Bowl #1 – 6 H x 13.75D Inches
  • Bowl #2 – 5.5 H x 12.25 D Inches
  • Bowl #3 – 3.75 H x 5.75 D Inches
  • Bowl #4 – 2.5 H x 5 D Inches
  • Mallet – 14 L x 2.75 D Inches
  • Weight – 16.8 Pounds All


Boxed Size:

  • Height – 10 Inches
  • Width – 18 Inches
  • Depth – 18 Inches
  • Weight – 25 Pounds


We ask that the buyer cover freight.

100 MILES OR LESS OF 66607
White Glove, Blanket-wrapped Est. Delivery: 5 biz days


Pickup at 414 SE 2nd St.
Call us at 232.8008 to schedule


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