Vintage Wooden Hand Carved and Painted Oars Maritime Nautical Décor Set of 9


Fun nautical or maritime décor in this set of nine (9) vintage hand carved and hand painted wooden boat oars. They are in wonderful vintage condition with awesome age patina including peeling paint, chips, and cracks. You cannot get better than a naturally aged look. Please see photos. Circa early to mid-20th century. We have priced these as a set of 9 but will entertain offers on fewer.

NOTE: These are awfully long so please note sizes below.

Sizes as Photographed:

  • Oar 1 Yellow–  132L Inches 8.9 Pounds
  • Oar 2 Red Orange – 158L Inches 21.6 Pounds
  • Oar 3 Red Orange – 156L Inches 18.9 Pounds
  • Oar 4 Green – 170L Inches 12.2 Pounds
  • Oar 5 Dark Red – 134L Inches 8 Pounds
  • Oar 6 Blue – 193L Inches 26.3 Pounds
  • Oar 7 Red Orange – 168L Inches 21.1 Pounds
  • Oar 8 Green – 168L Inches 17.8 Pounds
  • Oar 9 Red Orange – 156 Inches 16.5 Pounds


Crated Size All 9:

  • Height – 199 Inches
  • Width – 18 Inches
  • Depth – 21 Inches
  • Weight – 190 Pounds

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Row, row, row your boat…or hang these on your wall! Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, I’m sure you want them all! Ha! I just can’t help myself. These giant oars are going to look fantastic on the wall of your lake home or seaside abode. Or maybe just stacked in the corner. I think I might use them as drapery rods myself!! Their uses are abundant and fun. Each oar has its own character, and all are different lengths in varied bright colors mixed with their white base. We have priced them as a set of 9 because…well, I mean, look at them. But we will entertain offers on singles, pairs, or groups. We ask that you be sure you look at the lengths of these as most are exceptionally long. This is but one of a few maritime and nautical décor items we have listed this week. Be sure you check them all out and make a few yours!