Walnut, mid-century modern, square, and gorgeous. This table attributed to Broyhill Brasilia needs to be yours. We found no markings on this little side table except a handwritten number. But, have found the identical table numerous places online as being by Broyhill from their Brasilia Collection, including their brochure where it is called the 6150-05 Lamp Table. It is a very well-made occasional table with lots of style and presence. It also reminds us of some G-Plan or Pearsall end tables we have seen and with its beautiful inlaid checkerboard patterned walnut veneer top, it also reminds of Lane Alta Vista.


The Brasilia collection design is very architectural in style and that is by no coincidence. The Brasilia collection was introduced at the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962 and drew its inspiration from the architecture of the new and majestic Capital of Brazil, Brasilia. The brochure for Brasilia by Broyhill Premier says……..”Brasilia…the city…by its daring and beauty has revolutionized architecture and opened vast new horizons of design. From this inspired dream, Broyhill Premier drew inspiration for the furniture grouping which bears the fine young name: BRASILIA.”


This Broyhill Brasilia lamp table will be the perfect little spot, not only for a lamp as its name suggests, but for a cocktail or cup of coffee beside your favorite chair. Just make it yours and be sure to use a coaster!

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